Blackberry Wood

Blackberry Wood is a wonderful, secret and Magic combination of original old style country/ragtime/Circus/Gypsy music, up to date party grooves such as exotic Worldbeats / hipnotic HipHop / upjumpin' Ska, and other irresistible body shakin' / foot shuffling stuff.
It all started when a friend asked Kris and Corinne if they would Play a New Years Gig, four days before New Years Eve. In a frenzy-- Kris and Corinne whipped together their strangest mix of original material---and it was a hit! Needless to say they where invited back for the next New Years Party. After a few more gigs, and Kris churning out a huge batch of sweet songs, they decided to invite more musicians into the swamp stompin' Blackberry Woods. Muahahahaha....
First to come stumbling down the hill and waltzing in, came a slightly intoxicated and very crazy drummer---Amrit. Not far behind Amrit was the Dreamy---Katheryn squeezing magic from the accordion. Then, straight out of the Blue Sky, fell---DeLisa, and Jack blasting away on their shiny brass Trumpets. Next, floating down the river that runs through the Blackberry Woods, on his Acoustic bass, came---Michael! 
And oh! There's also---Jenn adding her percussive golden touches that shake up the woods! Now, with---Corinne playing Saxophone, and singing like a nightingale, and with---Kris on Guitar, singing with his raspy half Country half Rap/Hip-Hop heart out, this little Orchestra conjures up some of the most wondrous music for the whole world to enjoy!