Kenny Holliday

Kenny Holliday has thrilled and entertained audiences from Cancun, Mexico to Canada's north and from Alaska to Manchester England. He's performed at countless venues including Casinos, concert bowls, theatres, nightclubs, pubs and ballrooms coast to coast across the globe. Some of his appearances include Fox TV, CMT, CBC TV. Kenny has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Stuff Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine Germany, and numerous Newspapers in America.

Fans of all ages have their favorite Rod song, from "Maggie May" or "Forever Young" to "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy". Whether from the early years or the recent American Songbook "It Had To Be You" including unplugged acoustic guitar versions, Kenny sings all of Rod's many hits,.. the ballads, the jazz and the rockers. It isn't just the songs that have made his show a success, performing professionally since his early teens and having toured extensively in North America and Europe, his talents as an entertainer are exceptional. Kenny's resemblance, combining the voice, the hair, and the savoir faire are classic Rod Stewart.

Like Rod himself Kenny is a Scottish lad that lives life to the fullest with a great sense of humour and sings from the heart. The similarities don't end there, Kenny is musically gifted, a perfectionist and happiest in front of audiences and is just as energetic when not on stage. His non-Rod time is spent in music production, he has written for television shows and record labels. On an acting note Kenny played a part in Universal Pictures Chronicles of Riddick.

When Kenny's show is in your part of the world come out and enjoy the music, the fun, the humour and the magical memories that are part of Kenny's truly fabulous tribute to a legend Rod Stewart, it's a lifetime full of hits.

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