Kokoma African Heritage Dance & Drum Ensemble

Kokoma African Heritage Ensemble is a Vancouver based African dance and drum performance company. Founded by Maobong Oku from Nigeria , the company is made up of daughters and sons of the African Heritage. Together they promote cultural awareness, greater understanding and appreciation for the sacred African culture through traditional African songs, dance and drum performances.

Through the high-energy and interactive performances, they excite the audience's eyes, engage their spirits and energize their souls. The dance choreography combines the traditional dance movements and drumming interpreting old traditional themes and subject matter from the Efik and Ibibio tribes of the southeastern region of Nigeria .

This ensemble has performed all over British Columbia for the past seven years. The repertoire is rich with various mythos poetical and mythological imageries, spiritual metaphors and symbolism of the coastal people of Nigeria . The Kokoma African Heritage Ensemble has displayed wisdom and dignity in their performances as they captivate the audiences with their exhilarating and passionate presentations

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